How to find PayPal PPC Code for Payment Verification

Our PayPal Method is PPC Code System, Unique Instant Automatically System to Pay Invoices and make Payments safe, no hidden links. send payment from your paypal account to our email id paypal.

1 - As soon as you create the order, an invoice and support ticket will get generated automatically, Inside support ticket, you will find our PayPal Email ID.

2 - Send Money

Click on "Send Money"


"Send with Purchase Protection" option


"Goods or Services" option


"Paying for an item or service" option.

Do not have those Options! Just DO NOT send money as friends and family option.


Gift Payments and personal Payments NOT ACCEPTED.

PayPal fees/taxed on us.

Before making the payment

Make sure that the Currency:
You Send / Recipient Get is EURO

Do not send as USD, to avoid paypal currency exchange fees/taxes.

3- Once the payment is sent ...

You will receive a notification message in your PayPal email ID

inside the message notification, at the bottom, you will find the PPC code.

You will Find PPC Code payment inside your paypal email account messages, not inside paypal website account.

PPC Code is NOT inside Paypal Account. 

PPC Code is NOT a Transaction ID.

For example :

PayPal PPC000955:
PPC code is 1234513cd4c888

ID Email PayPal PP118 - 1234513cd4c888
PPC code is 1234513cd4c888

Some pictures below to understand more

4- Insert The PPC Code inside the invoice you want to pay Field "Verify PPC"

Your order will be activated automatically.

You can find the details of your order inside the "My Services " section or "Email History " section .

You will also receive an message email with the order details.




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