CCcam/Oscam Prio

CCcam Prio 

it's very important , file is used to accelerate priority zapping and improve response time, and to help you have a faster channel zapping, avoid weak CAID/Providers and keep your box focused on the proper CAID/Providers we are strong on, we suggest you use our Prio File.
For Dreambox & VU+ and all System Enigma 1 or 2 / System lunixsend it to the same place you have CCcam.cfg.
Other decoders maybe accept it with using Flash USB. not all receivers accept it .

For CCcam Emu Download : Here ( Extract the file CCcam.prio from the RAR file )

Oscam Prio 

You need to edit oscam.conf

add [dvbapi] to make oscam read oscam.dvbapi ( prio file for oscam )


enabled = 1
user = user1



Edit oscam.user :


user = user1
pwd = password1
group = 1
uniq = 1

oscam.dvbapi send it to the same place you have oscam.server oscam.user oscam.conf.

For Oscam Emu Download : Here ( Extract the file CCcam.prio from the RAR file )

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